What are Facts?

With all the ‘facts’ flying from both democrats, republicans, liberals and conservatives I thought I mention that fact can, and are, twisted depending on the point of view.

Don’t believe me, wait and see.

Let’s pursue the following example of Dihydrogen Monoxide, or DHMO.

I think we should ban DHMO.  Why?

DHMO is a major component of acid rain, which is destructive to the environment.

It is used in nuclear power plants.

It is used in baby formulas with no regulations by the government.

In solid form, prolonged exposure can cause tissue damage.

Gas form can cause burns.

DHMO kills thousand each year in the USA, and no one seeks to regulate its use.

Now, I’ve listed 7 things about DHMO, each one was a real fact, and designed to evoke a certain emotion, but I failed to mention something very important.

DHMO, or Dyhydrongen Monoxide is also known by a common name, water.  Now, those seven points mentioned earlier, did I lie?

No, without water you wouldn’t have rain, therefore it is a major component of acid rain (you also can’t have acid without water).

Water is used in the cooling systems of nuclear power plants.

Water is in every drink we have.

This is normally called frostbite.

And this one is normally called a steamburn.

Thousand of people die in drowning every years, it only takes a couple of inches.

Because of this I’ve learned to not take ‘facts’ as serious, and question those facts.  As a result, many times that questioning is mistaken by people.  But I will question, both the right and left and I’ve found in general its the left who do not like to be questioned.

Try it yourself, question things, the answers might cause you to change your mind.