Mike Rowe and the Shoplifter

Did you happen to catch a comment on Mike Rowe’s Facebook page?



Check it out as he talks about a store owner putting pictures of shoplifters in his store window.  Personally, this is great, let people know who is a shoplifter.  IF the person is shamed, perhaps they should have thought about that before doing something illegal.

The big part of the conversation starts when a couple of lawyers get involved.

They claim the store owner could be sued over the pictures.  What stupidity and waste of money on the lawyers part.  Its that claim that the person doing the crime is somehow a victim.  Its time to start telling things like it is.  If you do a crime, you are a criminal.

Sadly, all too often today the criminal is treated like a victim due to some group speaking out.  If you go and rob a store, that store owner has every right to post that.  The robber made a choice to do something illegal.

Robbers are not glamerious, they are not celebrities, or Robin Hood.  They make the lives of the honest, law-abiding citizen more expensive.