Vet May Lose Home for Displaying US Flag

Its stories like these that I read that make me mad and wonder where in the world did our common sense go?

Larry Murphfree is a proud US veteran.  Like many wishes to display his patriotism.  What better way then to put out a flag.  So he did, a little flag in his flower pot out front.

That little action created a big headache.

He is being fined by his community Homeowner’s association, about $8,000 fine and a foreclosure lien on his house.

Say What?  Did we read that right?

Yep, for a flag in a flower pot he could lose his home.  I’m sorry, but if you live in the USA, if the flag upsets you, then perhaps its time for you to leave.

If I lived in France, and a neighbor had a flag of France in front of his/her house, so what.  I’m in France.  Its getting to the point where you almost have no problem flying other countries flags, but fly the US flag, get in trouble.

This is actually the second story I’ve read like this in less than two weeks, the other was in Houston, you can read it here.  In this story, a man hung a US flag on his balcony and was told to take it down because it was a threat to the muslim community.


Its time to wake up, we can’t even show support in our country without someone be ‘offended’.  Sorry, but if your offended, LEAVE!