Go Woke, Go Broke!

So, I was introduced to this idea of ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’ by a YouTuber that I watched for things other than politics.  Though in the past year its become more and more political due to policies pushed upon the industry by outsiders.

The concept is quite simple, a company adopts leftist ideas and they end up going broke.

This can be seen in many areas across the nation.

Take a huge juggernaut like the NFL.  An entity worth billions of dollars, its games are a staple of Sunday afternoons during the fall and the Superbowl is massively hyped as a big party across the nation.

Yet this juggernaut has been taken down a bit in the past couple of years due to their embracing of leftist policies, specifically the entire kneeling during the anthem controversy.  Attendance is down, fans are rebelling, and yet their catering to the left continues.

Or take ESPN, once the forefront of sports entertainment, the one place to go to get your news.  Yet they are struggling, firing reporters and more.  Sure, they will explain it away as the internet, yet talking to people they say one factor was the increasingly political tone of the station.  Specifically their leaning to the left and intolerance of the right.  (Look up Roger Clemens’ firing and compare it to other tweets the more liberal ‘reporters’ have done.)

The movie industry has also suffered.  Many consider the recent Star Wars movies to be seeped in SJW policies.  The fan backlash hit the last Star War movie, Solo, hard to the point its reported Disney lost a lot of money on the film, and is considered by almost everyone as the biggest bust of all Star Wars movies.

The comic book industry has also taken a huge hit over the years due to SJW policies.  They have pushed for their views and then wonder why sales are down.

And let’s not forget games, the entire gamergate, and now Battlefield V with its push for women in the game.  The customers pushed back saying it wasn’t realistic.  EA (parent company) said if you don’t like it don’t buy it.  Well, the customers pushed back with their wallets and didn’t buy it.

All these companies have pushed forth with leftist, SJW policies and ignored one big factor to do so, the customer.  They ignored what the customer wanted.  When the customer complained they were told, in typical SJW style, that they were racist or sexist, or some other insult.

That is where we are at in this nation.  If you do not like a product and complain you are some sort of bigot.  These companies have no problem insulting their customers/fans and then have suddenly act surprised when the product (or film) doesn’t do well.

And this is where the go broke comes in.  They failed to understand, by listening to the SJWers, what their customers want.  They fail to understand the SJWers will not buy the product.

So a warning to business out there, if your company isn’t based upon SJW policies, don’t go there.  It will not end well for you.  Its better to stay out of politics and stick to making your product.  In the long run it will be better for your company.