Hamas’ Favorite Tactics to Gain Gullible Liberal Support

The latest tweets by the UN indicate that hamas is using schools funding by the UN to hide weapons in.  Yes, that’s right, the group that is the most responsible for the war going is using schools as places to hide.  The result being that if Israel attacks, hamas can use their PR groups to tell the West all about the killing of children.  Liberals will be emotionally attached and blame Israel for the attacks which is exactly what hamas wants.

But aside from schools, where else do they hide?

People will be surprised to leave what else the terror group uses for their means.  They use ambulances as get away cars.  Yes, they dress up and use the vehicles as a way to get away knowing that Israel shoots, the West, or more precisely the left, will be upset that medical personal were killed.  Of course hamas won’t tell anyone that those killed were actually terrorists.

Hamas is using the hospital as a headquarters knowing that Israel won’t shell the building over what Western liberals will say.  Its so obvious that reporters in the area have spoken to hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zouhri as he stood outside the hospital.  Another reporter even tweeted about it.

Despite being muslim they use mosques to hide tunnel entrances and, like schools, weapons.  Again, they know by doing this they have given themselves a slight measure of protection against Israel’s military.  Any attacks on such sites would enflame the hatred of the Jews by muslims even more.

Hamas soldiers even dress up as Israel forces to help confuse the enemy.  This tactic is probably the tamest of their tactics as many such groups have deployed such tactics against their enemy.  Its a perfectly acceptable and is probably practiced by every military in the world.  However, the hamas ‘soldiers’ also dress as women.  They do this to give the enemy pause to shoot.  What it doesn’t do is help out innocents one bit, and increases the likelihood of women and children being shot.  Of course this helps hamas again, as they point out to the gullible Western liberals how evil Israel soldiers are.

One of the last tactics used by hamas was on July 18th, where a donkey was laden with explosive and sent towards Israel forces.  They were force to kill the animal, and liberals again complain about that, forgetting the fact hamas was going to blow the poor animal up.

Its time for liberals to wake up to the fact they are being manipulated by groups like hamas.  Perhaps if they do wake up, wars like this might actually end.