United Incident

By now, almost everyone knows about, or has seen, what happened on a United Airlines flight where the police dragged a man from the flight to make room for an air crew for another plane.

The entire thing actually makes me mad on many levels.

United, for what really is poor foresight on their part.  You would think that in today’s world of computers and scheduling an airline would know when it needs to send an air crew to a certain destination.

Its almost inexcusable for this to happen.  Lay it out, make sure the crew is on for the flight without bumping anyone and your good to go.

All airlines need to take a look at their scheduling and make sure that they have room for such crews to fly from one destination to the next.

The media, for their covering only one side inciting a bigger outrage for the sake of ratings.  Yes, the media is only covering one side of the story, the guy who was kicked off.  They are plugging into an outrage against airlines for all the perceived problems the companies have, from waiting on the tarmacs to cancelled flights and bag fees.

However, shame on the media for failing to ask the bigger questions, like why the man was bumped in the first place.  For a crew to make to fly another plane so another 100-200 people could make it to their destination on time, and that plane could continue its route uninterrupted.

Which leads to the last one, the public themselves.  Yes, their is outrage at airlines, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to belittle other pilots, call them names and more.  All that does is make you look like an ass not worthy of supporting.

I think it would be interesting to have the people on board that flight, tell everyone on the flight the crew would be manning, and explain why none of them could give up their seat and therefore delayed another flight for 100-200+ people or more depending on how many more flights that plane had in its schedule for that day.

I can’t support any side, as I questioned what happened more than the media and came to the conclusion, I am disappointed at all sides here.  So I’ll sit back and quietly dream of slapping everyone.