Computer Games

So, earlier this week I was reading though the newspaper and an article caught my attention, “Feminist Hero Gives Gamers Glimpse of Future” by Wie-Huan Chen in the Houston Chronicle.

The article is about a new computer game coming out called ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ which has a main character who is described as ‘strong-willed and not a sex object’ and goes on to give glowing reviews of how this is a ground breaking game.

Now, I love computer games, and have played many, including many RPGs and MMOs.  I have found that offering only one character isn’t ground breaking, no matter the fact that its a woman character.

What’s this say to women gamers?  You can’t play as a man? I guess to feminists that’s a bad thing.

But here’s the thing in my many years of being on line and part of many gaming communities.  There are girl gamers who like playing as a man.  Yep, they enjoy it as much as feminist think guys enjoy playing as a woman.

I enjoy it the most when a game offers you a choice, to be a man or woman.

But I think this would go against the leftist narrative about having choice.  It must fit their narrative, and that is you must only offer a female character, but she cannot be sexist.  Makes me wonder if they even read their own words.

A final thought came the people this article was targeted to probably won’t even play the game.  The gamers actually buying the game want a polished game that works.  Of course if it sucks, the feminists will blame the sexist gamers, not the fact it might actually suck.

But back on target, why can’t the gaming industry offer either?  Many gamers like to immerse themselves into the game, almost thinking they are the ones doing it, as a result, they enjoy playing as the sex they are.

So, really, the real ground breaking game would be the one which offers both, as limiting the player to one sex is actually a step back, not forward.