Segregation Coming Back

When it comes to racism, one thing which was fought against was segregation among the population.  No white or colored differences, after all we’re all part of the same race, humanity.

However, it seems that some groups are advocating such things once more.  Ironically its not the KKK, or some white separatists group, but one of the darlings of the leftist elites.

Black Lives Matters.

BLM in Philadelphia has issued that for their April 15 protest, whites need not show up.  This protest will only allow blacks.

Even their twitter, they go on about how its only for blacks.  Yet somehow that’s not decimation and racism in their narrow minds.

Why should I support a group which actively bars me from their activities?

Answer, I won’t support such racism in this world.

Of course they say such things like they want their own space, but if a white group said that, its racism.  Typical double standard by the left, and they wonder why people are fighting them back.

It seems like the more they double down, the dumber they sound.