Super Bowl Half Time Show

The upcoming Super Bowl and its half-time show. A show which has not been without controversy in recent years. From Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe ‘malfunction’ to last years ‘black panthers’ and anti-cop perceived theme with Beyoncé.

This year the entertainer is Lady Gaga. And she had stated to being even more controversy to the show, and probably piss off a lot of people by doing it.

She stated she was going to be make a political statement against Donald Trump.

Now, I watch the Super Bowl for the game, some watch for the commercials, but either way a place to get away from politics. However this year its threatening to become political and for what? To make a statement and piss off half the country?

It seems that what sports is doing more and more these days, becoming political. I seriously hope not.

The most recent news is that Lady Gaga’s performance will be for ‘everyone’. By doing that she will need to be covered up a bit, no exposed breast. Also, it means that there will be no political talk.

But I have doubts, as she means it’s for everyone as she wants them to hear her message. After all, the left’s ‘peaceful’ message is for everyone.

Like Madonna who preached love and peace in her speech, then spoke of blowing up the White House. Its all peaceful, as long as you agree with the left, otherwise its not pretty as we’ve seen over and over again in recent months.

Lady Gaga, I have one message for you, stick to music and you’ll do fine. Don’t open your mouth and say anything else, its where you’ll get into trouble.