Trump Is President

Despite the fiasco of the past couple of weeks since the election win by Trump, the elector college has cast heir votes.

The winner: Donald Trump.

I would say now is the time for liberals to grow up, move on, and possibly work with Trump.  But I fear all we’ll get is more of the same whining by the left.

Sure, they’ll claim the conservatives did it, but I somehow doubt that a liberal will be called racist for simply disagreeing with something Trump wants to do.

They state conservatives called Obama Hitler, yet liberals did it to Bush, and have already done it to Trump.  Like racism its a catch all insult which now means almost nothing.

I’ll wait and see what type of President Trump will be, much like I waited to see how Obama was going to be.  However it really feels like all people want to do in today’s society is fearmonger and preach that the worst is here.

The one thing I don’t expect is to have Trump win a Noble Peace Prize for doing nothing.