Answering a Question

It appears a few nights ago on Carlson Tucker, Kurt Eichenwald was on the show.  One of the questions on the show was about Eichenwald stating Trump was “institutionalized in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown in 1990”.

A simple question considering Carlson asked Eichenwald if this was true or not.  If Trump was this should have been a very easy question to answer.  Instead Eichenwald almost became unhinged in his replies.

It became an embarrassing round about as Eichenwald brushed aside the question and instead tried to attack the host of the show.

This is typical for liberals when they don’t like a conversation.  Attack those who are questioning you.

Indeed, Eichenwald went on twitter to rant about it as well, at least until some stupid ass posted a flashing picture and hoped he would have a seizure.  According to twitter Eichenwald did, and the ass who posted the pic doesn’t make conservatives look good.

But, back to the point, Eichenwald, like all typical liberals, when confronted with a simple question went around and around while saying he was going to answer the question.  Even on twitter he never really gave an answer to the question.

Perhaps if he had done a better job of actually answering the question, instead of making himself look like a fool, he wouldn’t have had a breakdown.

(As for threats and such, sorry, but liberals are just as bad as Eichenwald says conservatives are.)