Politico Poll Numbers

News from a new Politico poll which was done over the course of two weeks, from July 1 – 13th, 2014.  The results are in and you can read it here.

Politico polled a list of voters, and a good mix of democrats, republicans and independents.

The news is a bit depressing if one is a political leader of the country.  People are slightly more pessimistic (52-48%), and a large number, 45%, are still worried about the economy in general.  The next group US citizens are worried about is healthcare in general at 9%.  A sign that many do not share the optimistic view many democrats seem to be pushing.

For the President, things remain bad, with this disapproving of his job 57-43%, and those strongly disapproving him at 44%, against those strongly approving him only at 15%.

Congress fares even worse, and Republicans lower than democrats.  The good news for Republicans is people seem to slightly favor voting for them in the election over democrats 39-37%.

Obamacare also is not faring well in the poll.  Only 17% favor keeping the law as it is today.  38% do not mind keeping the law, but think it needs modifications and 45% say it needs to be repealed.  It would need some major good points for people to change their minds about it.