Liberal Logic?

So, a bit of liberal logic according tot them.

If a Catholic priest is found with pictures of child porn on his computer, its a sign for the left to tell the jokes that all priests are pedophiles, and perverts.  Its a reason why the Catholic religion is a plague on humanity.

If a white male shoots and kills several people at a black church, and the male is found on his facebook site with a picture of him with the Confederate flag.  To the left that means anything and everything about that flag must be banned.  We have to take it off the General Lee from ‘The Dukes of Hazard’, remove it from battle sites, etc.

Also we have to remove any names from buildings, schools which have an association with the Confederacy.


A muslim male kills 49 people in a gay bar while calling 911 and the left’s only reply?  Ban guns.

Muslim refugees rape little girls and the left’s tells the girls they shouldn’t dress so provocatively.  Do not go near certain areas and go out in groups.

But mention anything about the Islamic religion and they’ll call you an islamophobe.

When will the left wake up to the reality that islam isn’t a religion that is with the 21st century?  They are not friends of gays, or even free thinking.  Many want Sharia law in Western countries.

The left will continue their fight against the ‘evil’ white, Christian, conservative because in their minds they think defeating that person will solve the world’s problems.  They are unaware that they are making the problems worse with their narrow-minded approach.