Real World Work

College kids, those special snowflakes as some call them have grown up and gone though school thinking a theory of a world around them.  They fail to understand that theory doesn’t always apply.

Some special snowflakes got a large does of reality recently.

It appears a group of college kids were interning at a business which had a strict dress code, including shoes.  These snowflakes noticed at least one employee who didn’t abide by the dress code.

So, like special snowflakes from college, they decided to complain against this injustice against them.  They went and signed a petition and argued why they should be allowed to wear different shoes, including flats.

Every intern, except one, signed the petition and handed it into their boss.  The next day, all those who signed it were asked to attend a special meeting.

In that meeting they were basically fired and told to pack up and leave at once.  The employee in question with different shoes had a special medical condition which the business had exempted from the code.

The real world things like this do happen.  They thought by pressuring their boss and higher ups they could bring about change.  They forgot one important thing.

They were interns!  They have no clout in the business, they have no idea why there is a dress code.  They didn’t realize you have to earn political clout to push things like this.

Welcome to the real world where your feelings are not that important.  In business it all comes down to the bottom line, and for that you must sell your product, whatever that is.  To do that you must impress your clients.  Don’t impress the client, they could walk and you lose money.

Reality is these special snowflakes will probably not have learned their lesson.  The person goes on to day she/he never had a real job before and wanted the experience.

Well, you gained some experience.  Life isn’t fair, and you work within the rules of a business.  They do not have to hire you.  There is no trophy for showing up.  Work involves working.

They wouldn’t survive at a farm where mother nature does what she wants, when she wants. No petition, protesting, calling racism or sexism will speed up, slow down, or anything else of a harvest.