Orlando Shooting

There is one disturbing aspect of this recent shooting in Orlando. 100+ people were killed or injured, and according to reports it was done by 1 person using guns (which, again according to sources, he bought legally).
Now the gun thing, shove it, not what bothers me.
Reading stories from people inside.  There is one story about a guy who heard the shots, he hit the ground and crawled into the bathroom.  In there he found several people hiding in the stalls.  An injured person made his way in, covered in blood.  He was followed by the shooter, who killed the person while laughing, then turned his gun on the stalls, injuring and killing others.
This is what bothers me about this, you run and cower in the bathroom, a prime spot to ambush the guy. By not even attempting this basic survival instinct I get the feeling they are saying their lives are not worth them fighting for.
Have we become such a country of wimps that we cannot stand up for ourselves? We have to have someone else stand up for us?
We have to wait for the police, the very ones groups like #BlackLivesMatters and other leftist groups hate and demonize.  The very group they hate, called racist, are expected to put their lives on the line to save yours.  You won’t hear anyone saying thanks to these cops, at least none of the ‘blacklivesmatter’ group.
Sadly, I don’t see where things will get better. All I see is a push by the radical left to once more ban all guns which is their bread and butter mantra.  They go after the AR-15 (which wasn’t even used in the assault) and other assault rifles.  Yet they will ignore the obvious, this was an attack carried out by a radical islamic homophobe.
I do wonder what would have happened had some actually been armed inside that bar and returned fire, or even if a few had actually tried to attack the attacker.
This cowering thing is the very model of the left though.
Run and hide.
Well, these people ran and hide, as a result, 100+ were injured and killed.