No Hoodies

Recently the NFL announced a new rule which will probably get liberals upset.

There will be no hoodies allowed on players during gameplay.

This rule has come out since Green Bay Packers player James Jones wore one under his jersey last year.  Now all the liberals will be how could they do this, its against blacks, racism, etc.

But step back and think logically about this.

The NFL gave the reason for not allowing it because it blocks the player’s name on the back of the jersey.  And yes, it does that, but I think back to when I first saw this.

I thought, what a dumb move by this player.  By trying to go political, he put himself in a more dangerous position.  How easy would it be for someone to tackle him with that hood?  Probably easier than he, or liberals, think.

I could imagine it would be like a horsecollar tackle, which by the way is illegal yet it still happens.  A player could get their hand stuck in the hoodie, and if one player is injured then everyone will be asking why the NFL didn’t do anything.

Banning the hoodie was a logical, and sensible step for player safety.  They stopped this stupid idea before many players did this and anyone got hurt.  Its a good rule.