Cops Are Good Guys

If one listens to the narrative put forth by the left, you would think cops are bad people who go around shooting blacks for no other reason than the color of their skin.

What they fail to understand, is cops are people like you and me.  There are some bad cops, which the left hypes up and broadly uses to smear every cop in the nation.  They know the hatred they are instilling in people and do it anyways.

Then you get things like what happened in Ohio.

Cop buys lemonade at a girl’s stall.

A cop randomly stops to buy some lemonade at a girl’s stand.  The cop asked her why she was doing this.  She informed him that she had not raised much money, and her mother had to take some to fill her car up with gas.

But the reason why the girl had the lemonade stand, she wanted an ipad.

The cop went and did what many of us wouldn’t do, he went home and booted up his, which wasn’t working well.  The next day he went looking for a store which would help him getting it working again.

He then went back and presented the gift to the girl.

How many of us would do something like this for someone we didn’t know.

The problem isn’t cops, race, or anything else.  We’ve forgotten how to be human.  At one time the left understood that meaning, today, they have forgotten what it means.