NBC News on Clinton’s Affair

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, the entire ‘I did not have sex with that woman’ and ‘it depends on what the definition of is is’ and everything else that went with it.  The affair is now back in the news thanks to NBC News.

In a recent interview with Donald Trump, ‘reporter’ Savannah Guthrie stated:

“Are you saying an alleged extra-marital, that of course he now admitted, is that now fair game?”

Why would it not be fair game?  They are crucifying Bill Cosby over similar actions yet are doing everything in their power to defend, deflect and even ignore what Bill Clinton did.

Honestly, its easy to see why the liberal left media pundits are doing this.  They want Hillary Clinton elected and will do anything, everything, and even ignore facts to get what they desire.

Of course Trump called Guthrie out on it, and rightly so:

“If he’s admitted it, you don’t have to use the word alleged.”

It leaves the reader and viewer wondering if Guthrie even knows what she is saying, or if she understands the words she speaking and their meaning.

Remember, this is the same media who labeled the second Bush a drunk due to a DUI.  They ignore anything their candidate does while destroying the opponent and get upset when their viewers ask questions.

Yes Guthrie, Clinton’s affair is fair game.