Trump and Ramos

By now everyone has seen the exchange between Donald Trump and ‘reporter’ Jorge Ramos when Trump tossed the later out of his press conference.

As anyone could have guessed the liberals are crying racism and everything else while ignoring the facts, something they are good at, while trying to evoke an emotional response from the reader.

Fact, Ramos jumped ahead of line to shout out his question when someone else was called upon.

This shows Ramos is not interested in the truth, but pushing his agenda.  He wanted to make a scene.  By his refusing several times to sit down and wait his turn, like the other reporters there, Ramos continued to be the typical stupid journalist and demand he be heard.

Imagine a FOX News reporter doing this to Obama?

The left would melt down at the insult and demand the government shut down the station.

So what is different here?

Simple, Trump is running as a Republican which makes all the difference to a liberal.  Its okay to interrupt a Republican, demand to be heard, shout out anything and everything as long as you have the ‘R’ in front of your name they will blindly support almost anything someone does against them.

There is one more interesting thing here, Jorge Ramos’ daughter works for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Yep, a bit strange, probably has nothing to do with it, but a coincidence, it may or may not be.

Jorge, you violated journalism protocol by jumping ahead and got tossed for it.

What’s worse, you were brought back in when it was your turn to ask questions and Trump spend more time with you answering your questions than any other reporter!

To me, you are the typical ass reporter of today, its all about me.  There were other reporters there as well, you are not any more important than any of the other reporters.  You are not a reporter, but a mouthpiece for liberal stupidity.