Jordan Replies to ISIS

The radical muslim group, isis, went ahead with the execution of a Jordanian pilot in the most gruesome way possible.

They burned him before burying his body in rubble in a simulation of an air attack.

Now Jordan retaliated in the way they suggested they would.  They hung two terrorists, including one who isis wanted released.

But beyond that, and perhaps even more important, is the way the king of Jordan has replied by his actions.  Instead of making a speech like Obama would he went out and has taken command.

Reports are he will actually be flying a bombing run on isis.

If he does, or merely helps take command he has shown more leadership against isis than Obama has.  Its sad when our President is upstaged by another leader willing to step forward.

Obama has actually gone out of his way, again, to state that isis doesn’t represent islam.  When he stops this nonsense and actually stands up to the radical muslim group innocent people might stop being slaughtered.