Al Sharpton

This week Al Sharpton, liberal loud-mouth, made another comment which has people scratching their heads in wonder.

“Most important, he said ‘I’m going to fight to bring fairness to the tax code. The rich must pay more, and we must give tax credits to middle class and poor people.”

What makes it ironic is that Sharpton is still paying off a tax debt he owes of millions, and according to the NY Times is over $4 million.

Sharpton claims he’s making payments.  But it does many one wonder what he considers to be fair considering he has failed to pay his fair share in the past.

But then again, this is typical of the left.  Make a claim against the wealthy, say your for the poor, and give some emotional, feel-good quotes and the voters will go crazy.  If cornered with questions about ‘fair taxes’ say that’s for the ‘experts’ to figure out.

Experts like Al Sharpton who have already shown to be a tax cheat?

Its a good thing the media is so behind the lift otherwise their narratives might start falling apart.