White House Refuses to Believe in Radical Muslims

With recent radical muslim terror attacks on places like Paris there is growing confusion on why the White House continues to ignore such actions.  They seem to want to believe that islam could never produce such people.

With islam having some 1.3 billion followers, and experts saying between 5-15% of them are radicals, that’s at least 65 million (or up to 195 million) radicals out there.

Yet the White House refuses to use that term to terrorists.  Take the Paris terror attack and what Press Secretary Josh Earnest said about radical terrorists:

“These are individuals who carried out an act of terrorism, and they later tried to justify that act of terrorism by invoking the religion of Islam in their own deviant view of it… we have not chosen to use that label because it doesn’t seem to accurately describe what had happened.”

They desperately wish to disbelieve what is happening right in front of them.

Of course this might be islam’s fault.  With a lack of clear leadership among its many groups islam is a fractured religion with many sides and faces.  As long as groups like the White House refuse to acknowledge that it will continue to empower the more radical groups.

Of course anyone who dares criticize islam is considered an islamophobe.  But perhaps they should heed the words of Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashad, former director of Al-Arabiya TV:

Protests against the recent terrorist attacks in France should have been held in Muslim capitals, rather than Paris, because in this case it is Muslims who are involved in this crisis and stand accused, and are expected to declare their innocence. The story of extremism begins in Muslim societies, and it is with their support and silence that extremism has grown into terrorism that is harming people across the world.

Only when the muslim world starts to protest against such radicals will things change.  It could be helped by those in the West admitting there are radical muslims.