Movie The Interview

This comedy has garnered a lot of recent attention by lot of people.  From the trailers the movie is about a guy who is granted an interview to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.  As a result the government wants the reporter to kill Kim Jong-un.  In other words, a fantasy comedy and low ratings.

However, in recent weeks Sony, the company behind the movie, was hacked.  And now hackers have come out threatening both the studio, movie theaters and those who see the movie.

The result of all this, the premiere was scrapped, some movie theaters are not going to show it, actors are not helping to promote it.

Welcome to Hollywood which will back down to any form of criticism that isn’t from traditional, Christian, white conservatives.  However, these hackers are the true idiots.


Simple, they pushed recognition of this film which would probably not have done well.  Many people now are talking about the movie, and will probably find some way to see it due to all of the threats, talk, and everything else about it.

I never wanted to see it, didn’t care about it and would have never written an article about this movie if it hadn’t been for the idiotic hackers.  One way to guarantee people watch it is to do exactly what these hackers have done, give it attention and make people go, why shouldn’t I see it.

Of course there is always the idea that all this comes from hackers in North Korea.

Perhaps groups like Anonymous should hack North Korea for making hackers look dumb.