Democrats Fall Flat Again

Yesterday there was a vote in the Senate, finally, on the Keystone Pipeline.  Harry Reid decided to allow the vote, and the only reason was political.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu wanted this vote to show to her voters she could get things done, yet was sabotaged not by Republicans, but by fellow democrats.  She said she had the 60 votes to pass the bill despite word from the administration it would veto the bill.

Its ironic consider what Landrieu stated on the Senate floor before the vote on the bill.

“This is for Americans, for American jobs, to build an American middle class, and it will create 40,000 immediate jobs. If the people of this Congress haven’t noticed, there’s a long unemployment line in some parts of this country.”

It seems, according the Landrieu, democrats are against jobs which would help build the middle class.

The typical resistance is by the far left, who claim they don’t want a pipeline going through farmland.  Its a sad thought considering anyone who knows anything about pipelines knows there are already thousands upon thousands of pipelines all over the USA.

Similar environmental fear mongering by the left was done against the Alaska pipeline.  Now years later their fears have been ill conceived, and actually had a positive impact on the wildlife.

One thing that might be considered as well, is the fact that Warren Buffet is probably against this as well.  He, shortly before the proposed pipeline, bought BNSF, which is currently shipping oil.

He could be the biggest block in the vote. After all, a pipeline can cut into his company from transporting oil.

Overall, its safer to transport the oil by pipe, and more economical, than by train.  But the left will continue their fear mongering and talking points against the pipeline.

The bright spot for the bill is the incoming Senate and the fact Reid no longer controls what bills are up for a vote.