Uh-Oh, NBC Poll Shows Latino Opposition to Amnesty

In an NBC/WSJ poll, conducted between November 14-17, about the President taking action and granting amnesty, the results are not good for democrats.  The overall numbers show half of the country, at least, is not in favor of such actions by a margin of 48% against to 38% for it.

It gets even worse as one breaks down the numbers.  Latinos only favor amnesty by a slim margin, of 43% to 37%.  This is not the minority, block group voting that democrats were expecting to find.

But as you look even beyond the Latino number the numbers for Republicans for it was low, no real surprise there, at 11%.  But the President should be looking at Independents and Democrats.  Independents are only showing a 37% favorability for amnesty.

And among Democrats, which the President usually has high approval numbers for, he only has a 63% approval here.  That is bad news for the President, and democrats as granting amnesty could shatter their unity.

The Latino vote here is a big difference, and once Republicans could capitalize on to gain minority votes.  NBC tried to push the low sample here, 110 Latino respondents, but they failed to see what happened in the last election.  Their conclusion is the real number supporting amnesty is higher, and not supportive of Republicans.

Yet in the last election in Texas, Governor Abbott split the Latino vote with democrats, a bad sign they are losing their grip on minorities.

The numbers do not show support among the people of the President granting amnesty, though it appears he will continue down that path.  Tonight he will be speaking to a limit TV audience, as few stations were asked for their time but the White House did ask for time on Univision.

Democrats don’t seem to care they are playing political chicken with their own party.  Its clear among polls the groups most split are not conservatives and Republicans, but liberals and democrats.