Ferguson Boiling

It seems like the ‘protesters’ are only interested in hearing about one thing, and only one thing when it comes the impending verdict in the case against Officer Wilson.  What they want.

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

We all know the justice system is not perfect, it was designed to be that way.  However, these rioters are saying either do it our way or we will endanger the lives of hundreds, and we have a list to prove it.  They are an organized riot army, not a protest army.

Making a list only proves the inability of these thugs to want justice.  They want justice to ignore all the facts in the case except what they have decided upon.  If they had their way, Officer Wilson would be executed.  So much for preaching tolerance and peace, just look at the list

These protesters have even gone to the UN over this.  This is a local case, not an international one.  The UN has enough problems with groups like ISIS to worry about Ferguson. 

The protesters have threatened the lives of not only Wilson, but other cops, and its on video.  They have become animals lashing out at everyone without a logical thought about what they are actually doing.

It is truly a sad day when a person with a distinguished career is tarred and feathered across all news outlets while a street thug is made into a saint who bullies people.

These protesters want others to be sympathetic to their ’cause’, but their tactics are doing anything but that.  In fact, their brutish tactics have had an opposite effect on many.

Of course the left wants there to be racism, after all, that is the way they control their masses.  Divide and conquer.