NAACP, Only for Black Democrats

The 2014 elections saw some historic people voted into Congress.

In the South, Tim Scott became the first black person who has ever been elected to both the House and Senate.  In Utah, Mia Love became the first black woman Republican elected to the US congress in history.

Both of these represent a major step forward but was there any mention of this by the NAACP, a group which states they are for the ‘colored’ people of the USA.  Nope.

In fact in a statement released after the elections, the NAACP instead focuses on pointing out problems instead of looking at what many could consider a step forward by the country.

The realism of the situation is the only reason Scott and Love are not mentioned is because they are Republican and conservative.  The NAACP does not care about tolerance towards Republicans.  They need to show the others that the GOP is still a group of racists, old, KKK loving, bible-thumping, gun loving, white people who only act for the rich.

Its a sad day when despite the calls by the NAACP for Republicans to change, when they do vote in a black person, the NAACP ignores it.  It shows how close minded they are and how much they are resisting change.