Thoughts on the Election

The elections are over the results are coming in, time to reflect on some of the highlights of the election.

First off in Texas you have the democrats pushing a poor candidate in Wendy Davis. Her campaign was plagued with problem after problem yet somehow she managed to gain the democrat vote.  Of course, I think everyone understood the end result.  She was a state senator who gained 15 minutes of fame for a filibuster.  And that doesn’t even take into account her poor ad with the wheelchair which went horribly wrong.

Then there was Democrat State Senator Vincent Sheheen stating this about his Republican competitor, “We are going to escort whore out the door.” If that wasn’t a war against women words I don’t know what is.

Add in a threatening letter by a democratic ‘non-profit’ far left-wing group stating they will be reviewing voting records to determine if you voted or not. And if you didn’t they will want to know why you didn’t vote.

This is added in with two videos of voting machines switching the vote from a Republican to a democrat. Yet don’t let that fool you, democrats continue to push, and accept the party line that it’s a ‘calibration’ error. If that’s a calibration error then it’s a one which should have never gotten past the quality control.

Speaking of voting machines there was a machine in Texas which had a poorly spelled David Dewhurst instead of Greg Abbott for Governor of Texas.

Of course you have Tim Scott, the first black Senator elected in the South since the Reconstruction Era, and yet liberals and other black s attacked him on twitter simply because he is successful and a Republican. So much for the tolerance the left talks about.

And last, we have Rachel Maddow talking about the Republicans impeaching Obama if he goes forth with amnesty now that they have gained control of Congress. They should, after all there is nothing in the US Constitution which grants the President such power. It is an overreach of power, and would actually harm the democratic base.

And speaking of the media, with the fact the democrats were poised, and did, lose control of the Congress, several came out stating it was time to do away with the mid-term elections. Sorry, but to do that, you have to modify the Constitution, which would require an amendment.

And that’s just a few highlights of this election and the tactics democrats employed this year. It will only be worse next election.