United Nations Team in…Detroit

The United Nations is once again out flexing it political muscle against what it considered appalling conditions for people.  “People are living without dignity it’s a human rights violation. the city should restore water to those unable to pay,” a representative of the U.N. team told CBS.

Where is this?  Detroit!

Yep, once again the UN with its fast abilities to solve problems is going after the water companies in Detroit.

but then again, why would they not, after all, its safer than actually doing a real job and creating peace in the world.  Its apparent that the UN has no power of ISIS, Hamas, or other atrocities going on in the world.

Instead they go after the water companies and demand they turn the water back on to people who have not paid their bills.

Here is a radical idea, why doesn’t the UN pay the bill for these people?  I’m sure they would have no problem pulling money from countries like, Argentina, China, Cuba, the United Arab Emirates or any other UN Human Rights country besides the USA to right this wrong.

But, the UN will not because its much better to accuse the USA of doing something rather than actually fixing a real problem.

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