Forensics Finds Michael Brown’s Blood in Wilson’s Car

According to CNN and the New York Times forensics has found the blood of Michael Brown in Officer Wilson’s patrol car.  This news is devastating to the left who are trying as hard as they can to make sure this remains a race related ‘crime’.

The left has played up the fact that Brown was an ‘innocent’ teen who was shot in the back by a white officer while holding up his hands in surrender.  It appears the truth is far from the details the left is saying.

Wilson asserts that Brown assaulted him in his car causing Wilson to fear for his life.

Now with forensics finding Brown’s blood in Wilson’s car, on his uniform and on his gun.  This can back up Wilson’s claim of the assault.  While there are other possibilities of how blood got there, it requires a look at what happened.

Of course the shooting in the back has already been discredited by forensics, as Brown was shot in the front, not back so he was facing the officer.  And reports of Brown assaulting Wilson cast doubt about many things.

Of course many claiming racism will hold to a few ‘eyewitness’ accounts which are, at best, subjective.  They will claim Wilson is lying, while taking others as gospel.  The lawyers for Brown should take their own advice, and not take anything as absolute truth, and look at the forensics.

So far, those forensics do not appear to substantiate the account that Brown was an innocent bystander crudely attacked by Wilson.