White House Responds to Ebola

With a third case of Ebola now in the USA and the second person to get it here in the States, there was a rush of statements from various sources.  The CDC continues to tell us there is nothing wrong, even while the nurses union comes out and tells the world how unprepared we are to combat this disease.

Now the White House has spoken up. “People should continue to be confident in the response of the federal government to this specific situation,” Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement yesterday.

This is the same government which is telling us that restricting commercial flights to and from inflicted countries would harm the fight there.  The same strategy which goes counter to fighting an infectious, and deadly, disease.

And when asked about confidence in Tom Friedman Earnest has this to say.  “This administration has been guided by the science, by our medical experts that have experienced with dealing with Ebola.”

No, if you had been guided by science you would have restricted flights, and moved quicker.  This administration has been guided by the misguided illegal immigration platform and amnesty.