CDC Cheif Opposes Travel Restrictions

A few days ago Kerry came out defending the reason why the Adminstration has not enforced any travel restrictions on countries with Ebola.  Now the CDC Chief, Tom Frieden, has come out in support of the no travel restriction.

“We don’t want to isolate parts of the world, or people who aren’t sick, because that’s going to drive patients with Ebola underground, making it infinitely more difficult to address the outbreak,” Frieden stated.

Is it right, is it wrong, the costs of getting this wrong are tremendous.

Common sense tells us that a patient with Ebola is to isolate the infected person so others do not become infected.  It seems like the government officials are reluctant to do anything to help stop spread the virus.  They make comments like what Frieden said, that air travel restrictions would harm people.

The question is would it?  What is the consequence of them being wrong?  The no restrictions already resulted in one Ebola victim coming here.  He had contact with almost 50 people before anything happened.  He later passed away despite treatment.

What was learned was the country was not ready to handle the outbreak, despite government reassurances they were.  They were slow to act.

If we don’t restrict travel into the country from infected areas, then the government must step up in screening passengers.  The line of ‘wait to see what the government is doing’ will not help calm any fears.

People should respect such viruses, but it appears our government is more concerned with keeping travel open for illegals than keeping its citizens safe.

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  1. Stop travel to and from Israel but not from disease infested third world countries.

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