Enterovirus Infecting Kids

Have you heard about this virus?  No?  Its a virus that is spreading though children all across the country.  It acts like a normal cold, but can quickly turn into a serious illness.  It effects children and teens the most, as they do not have the immunity of previous infections.

If you look at other news sites you will be hard pressed to find anything about it.  CNN has an article about cat guilty of bashing dogs and how 800,000 bees attacked people, but no mention of this virus.

NBC News has a video on it, but you have to go to the Health page, and scroll down to the kids health to find it.  A video talking about a 4 year olds death from the virus.  Not front page like the blaming of a US hospital for Mr. Duncan’s death from Ebola.

Even FOX News has it hidden away, on the Health page and towards the bottom.  A video about how the virus is spreading across the US.

Its sad that such a virus which is attacking children, here in the USA, is getting so little attention when it should be getting so much more.  It only seems to prove that our society does not seem to care much about children.

(All pages looked at where done on 10/10/2014 between 8pm and 11pm)