Obama Administration on Ebola

The first person confirmed in the USA with Ebola has passed away.  His death is tragic, yet what is truly disheartening is the response of the administration.

“We need airlines to continue to operate in West Africa, and we need borders to remain open,” said Kerry. And we need to strengthen the medivac capacity. We need countries to contribute for Ebola treatment centers and we need other African countries with the capacity to send responders to join the effort and we need to make sure the health-care workers who go properly trained, properly equipped, and supported in order to prevent additional infections.”

You have unlimited travel to and from infected countries.  Common sense tells us that when you have an infectious disease you limit contact between people who might be carriers and healthy populations.  The administration does not seem to understand that concept here.

Along with the non-travel restrictions we have border agents who have no idea who to look for.  A recent article by a reporter who covered the outbreak in Africa was appalled at the lax security to guard against someone coming in to the country.  The agent had to go ask someone else when the reporter mentioned she had been covering Ebola.  The worst part was they allowed her through telling her to watch for symptoms, which the agent could not tell her what to look for.

Then the country has workers cleaning up known Ebola victim’s fluids without protection.  This is a disaster waiting to happen and how things will spread.  If those workers are not careful they can contract the disease and spread it to others. a

American citizens have a government who doesn’t care about protecting its citizens. They are more worried about keeping the borders open to push amnesty for the upcoming election than security.