Public Disagrees With Administraion on Economy, Poll

According to many democrats, like Obama, Reid and Pelosi, the economy is the best its been in years.  They stand up touting the number of jobs and the unemployment numbers.

However, that chest-beating the democrats are doing on the economy a recent CNBC poll has not translated to good news for democrats.  Instead, with new numbers, the results are not good.  Only 24% of Americans think the economy is improving.

That is bad news for the upcoming election for democrats, who expected a boost from the numbers.

They seem to have forgotten that despite the numbers and drum beating about how the economy is great, when a person does not see this improvement in their neighborhood, it causes people to question the numbers.  This is the last thing the democrats need, the public questioning their numbers.

With the midterm elections coming up, the last thing the democrats need is bad news.  Republicans need to jump on these numbers and show proven ways to improve the economy.