Eric Holder Stepping Down

The Attorney General of the United States has stated that he is going to retire.  To many, all they can say, it’s about time.

Holder has had a rocky time as Attorney General, starting early on in Obama’s first year as President.  The dropping of charges against a Black Panthers’ group was viewed as reverse racism by many.  Holder’s next couple of years did not improve.

His justice department is still fighting Fast & Furious.  This program gave guns to criminal elements in what became a total fiasco.  To make things worse, they have hidden documents, and failed to provide information to others.

There are many examples of other areas where Holder has actually politicalized the office of Attorney General.

One of the best is the IRS scandal.  The very scandal which the justice department has never investigated.  When people ask why, the response ranges but nothing is done.

Holder became a mere wall upon which criticism of the administration was deflected upon.  Under Holder’s guiding hand the justice department never wished to go after anything which might harm how people perceive democrats.

One of his legacy will be his stonewalling abilities.  Here is hoping that the next Attorney General will not be political, but Constitutional.