Michelle Obama on School Lunches

Michelle Obama has been on a quest of power against ‘unhealthy’ school lunches.  As a result, instead of millions of kids all over the country are now subjected to what they consider healthy, but uneatable.

Children have even photographed the lunches to show what they are being served.  People have expressed their outrage, yet it seems like very little is being done to amend the problem.

Recently even Michelle Obama came out on Friday (Sept. 26, 2014) in an interview with ‘Channel One’ on the lunches.  Its strange that the very quest she is on, she says “I wouldn’t want to eat a nasty lunch either.”

Of course Michelle does not have to worry about that, being the President’s wife, she has her own cooks to cook her meals.

She also says “change is hard.”  Its only hard if you are the one who is being forced to eat these meals.

Yes, for many this meal could be the only nutritious meal they have.  But, if you don’t make the food attractive, and something kids want to eat, it won’t matter.  Kids are tossing away a lot of food thanks to Michelle’s program, which she has no power to force schools to adhere to such rules.

In one final insult, she says that they should help in making the meals better.

I have a suggestion, why don’t the very people who are making the meal, be forced to eat it first for a month.  Perhaps they’ll start making meals that kids want to eat.