Jeanine Pirro’s Criticism of Obama

Jeanine Pirro, a former judge, and Fox News correspondent, on Saturday delivered an epic criticism of President Obama and his recent speeches on ISIL, or ISIS.

“After weeks of dithering on ISIS, no strategy, containing them, degrading them, and destroying them, finally, we are clear-eyed. A definitive counter-terrorism campaign against the Islamic state, but not against Islam and not against a state, so who are we fighting?” she said about Obama.

This comes after Obama said we have no strategy, and that ISIL does not represent Islam, despite Islam is in ISIL’s name.  She went on to say:

“Mr. President, why are you so afraid of words? You scrub national security documents of the word ‘jihad,’ which is Muslim for war against unbelievers. Why did your CIA Director scrub ‘Islamist’ before ‘terrorist’ in the Benghazi talking points? And why is the Fort Hood shooter engaging in workplace violence when he yells ‘Allah Akbar’ and his business card says ‘soldier of Allah’? Just weeks before a midterm election, the vast majority of Americans, Mr. President, believe you don’t have a clue about foreign policy. You refuse to use the word ‘war.’ What’s with the counterterrorism offensive? What do you think you are, Jack Bauer? This isn’t ‘24,’”

It is a very interesting question, and potentially damaging part of democrat strategy.  They refuse to say certain words, like radical muslim, or jihad, despite the fact the terror groups the USA are fighting are using them.  They do consider themselves muslim, practicing the Islamic faith.

Until the left, and Obama realize this dangerous situation, they will never understand who the real enemy is.  They will not come over, sit at the camp fire and sing ‘Kumbaya’ with us in peace and respect yours and mine, traditions, laws and religions.