Ray Rice Suspended

Yesterday a video came out of Ray Rice punching his then fiancée,  He hit her so hard that he apparently knocked her out.  After the video he was cut by the Baltimore Ravens and then suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

While these points are fine, and it does appear that he is guilty of violence against his fiancée, we should take a step back and look at what we say and do.  With the suspension two questions come to mind, is it enough and what is being done for the future?

Looking at the first question, is it enough?

This is the question which everyone will debate.  Some already are calling it too harsh.  Others are saying its an invasion into our private lives by a corporation.  Others probably want him tossed into jail for the rest of his life or that he’ll use his money to get off.

While both sides have a point, it begs the question when should a corporation release an employee due to criminal behavior.  There is no easy answer here, and any hard line will come into question.

For all of the focus on the first question, its really the second question which should be the focus of discussion.  The NFL has a perfect opportunity to bring to the forefront, and be a group raising awareness of, domestic violence.  They could use this as a think take to its players to educate them on this very under-reported crime.

The media could focus on the larger issue which they don’t want to face.  When a spouse abuses another spouse, it is not right.  We can use this to help speak out for those who are being abused, but instead, the NFL, and media will focus on the punishment and video.