Mexican Military Helicopter Fires Shots in USA.

It appears a Mexican military helicopter fired a couple of shots off while inside US territory at US border patrol agents.  With tensions already mounting with US citizens over the influx of illegals, especially children, this latest incident does not help calm these tensions.

The question that comes to mind, what was the helicopter doing inside US territory and why did it shoot at US border patrol agents?

The incursion and firing of shots happen in Arizona, near a town called San Miguel.

Rumors and accusations of Mexican officials helping illegals enter the USA have become rampant in the past few years.  This type action only reinforces such rumors, and does not help democrat efforts with their illegal immigration bills in Congress.

Actions such as these, and the mass of children crossing into the USA only seem to make clear that a realistic solution to a growing problem is drafted and passed.  Mexican authorities have apologized for the incident, yet, with the level of corruption in the Mexican government, how does one know if the apology was real, or pushed for by drug cartels.

While some consider this an act of war, and indeed wars have started for less, I do not.  What it does show is the true lawlessness and ineffectiveness of our border patrol agents.  They need to be backed by our government, and right now, top level officials do not care about them.  They only care about granting amnesty to all illegals.  that does not solve the growing crisis on our boarder.

Its time for democrats to wise up, and show the intelligence they are so proud of spouting about.  How can so many see the problem, yet they do not?