The Michael Brown Shooting

On August 8, 2014 Michael Brown was killed.  But what do we really know about this situation?

Reality is, not that much aside from the basic facts, which are, shots were fired and the result was the death of a young man named Michael Brown.  We know some altercation took place between the officer and Brown.

We also know that afterwards, there have been public rioting over the incident which has not helped at all in regards to solving the problem.  Too many do not care about justice, only what they perceive is justice.  In this case, justice isn’t being served by either side.

The officer on scene might have been able to do something else.  This much is true.  There is no defense for such actions.  Killing someone is not the first choice of action, and the officer was too quick to pull out a gun.  Also the number of shots which the officer fired comes into play as well.

At least six shots were fired at Brown.  What processes an officer, supposedly trained to deal with lots of situation, to fire so many shots?

Of course, not everything is so one sided in this discussion.

Unlike the media reports, Michael Brown is not the ‘gentle giant’ we have been told about.  The fabricated lie by the media.  In reality Brown was a 6’4″ 250+ pound thug with a record.  Yep, he was not the innocent child people say he is.

The unarmed part is also deceiving as well, and everyone understand that.  A person does not need a gun, or knife to injure, or even kill, another person.  Countless assaults and murders have been done by ‘unarmed’ people.

And now you have the ‘protesters’ out showing their concern for this shooting and wanting justice.  The problem here, like in everything else with this situation, is the protesters do not seem to care about what happened to Michael Brown.  They are only out there for themselves.

And after several nights of violence, it seems like the only thing they care about, is more violence.

In the end, there will be no lessons learned, no justice, only more violence by groups who say they want things to be peaceful.