Ferguson, More Critical than ISIS to Liberals

The news reports in Fergunson have been terrible.  A young man was shot and killed by a police officer.  This news itself is bad, and deserves to be investigated with all the details.  However, we are already tainted by a biased news media with an agenda it seems.  They find everyone guilty right away, and the person must prove their innocence.  That is now how the USA was founded.

Added to this complication is new reports that the NAACP has gone to the United Nations.  The crime they report, the shooting of the young man, Michael Brown, and how concerns with race relations inside the USA.

Now, with these high tensions have come protests which quickly, and predictably dissolved into riots.  It is indeed ironic that minority groups wish to have equality, and justice, then go out and commit crimes in the same breathe.  Vandalism against business sends a message to others.

The problem is that message isn’t the one they are trying to convey.  It sends a message that these people do not care about other people’s property.  They have no problem stealing what isn’t there, damaging stores, and hurting businesses.  They comfort themselves with the thought they are sticking it to the big man.

What they fail to understand, is those stores have workers trying to survive.  If the business closes for any amount of time it costs everyone money.  From the worker who is paid hourly, to the store owner, to the government who uses collected taxes, from sales property and other fees and taxes to provide the locals with roads, schools and welfare programs such as unemployment and Social Security.

So forgive me if I don’t seem angry over this.

I’m saving my outrage for groups like the Islamic State.  The ones who have murdered thousands in cold blood, beheaded men, women, and children, buried people alive, and shut off water to thousands all because they believe in a different religion.

So while the liberals flag wave at perceived injustices and inequalities over the shooting of one young man, they are silent over the crimes against humanity in Iraq and Syria.