Comcast Customer Support, Again!

Not long ago a report came up of a man trying to cancel his Comcast service.  It became a nightmare of a time, and only got resolved when he recorded the phone calls.

Well, not another video has come up of another customer who is trying to cancel his service.  He is on hold over 3 hours.  Tries calling on another line and finds out they are close after going though all the menus to get to the area he needed to go.

I think everyone who has had Comcast has a story they can tell.  I know I do.  My house was struck by lightning, and one of the cable boxes went out, along with several other electronic devices.  I made the mistake of calling Comcast.  After explaining to her what happened, she then goes on to try several pushes and other things from her computer to get the cable box to work.

I’m not sure what part of fried cable box due to lightning she did not understand.

After 45 minutes, she finally offered to have a technician to come out, in a week.  As a last second option she mentioned taking it to the Comcast story to exchange it.  If she had mentioned that in the beginning, the call would have been so much better.

For a company that is trying to buy another cable company, their customer service desperately needs to improve their image.  But, when you have no competition, there is no incentive to do that.  This is how one system works, and