ISIS Recruits Children for Jihad

Thanks to the folks over at VICE News for this video.

What could be more dangerous than a group of radicals using the Islamic religion for their own personal gain?  These same radicals who round up men, take them out in trucks and shoot them?  The same group which has no problem beheading men, women and children?

Taking that exact same group who recruits children.

This terrorist group is appealing to children, and brainwashing them into wanting to kill others because they think the same way.  That includes not only Jews and Christians, but atheists, and any other religion out there.  And I would expect groups like the LGTB community are not immune to their ideals either.

Yet it is a brilliant PR move for them.  They get these children excited about killing, and when some Christian, or Jewish group defends themselves and kills the child, isis can turn around and boast to the world about the child killers.  All one must do is take away the weapons, and presto, those same kids who are chanting death to infidels, now appear as innocent kids killed in cold blood.

This is the evil the world is now up against, and the groups need to realize it before its too late.