The holidays are coming up and looking around it makes me wish for the old days.

I can hear the leftists now, you are a boring old conservative.  They’ll say that instead of asking the real question, why?

The excitement and joy of Christmas seems gone in today’s modern world.  The wonder, people actually wishing others peace and happiness and meaning it, not that it was a given to say to others.

I looked at my leftist friends and they seem determined on making Christmas more like, well, Halloween or something.  Drab colors, boring get ups, and no heart behind it all.  Its like they purposefully go forth to destroy the heart of Christmas.

But what is the heart of Christmas.

If you ask a Christian, they will tell you its Christ.  And they are right, and this is the problem of the matter for those on the left.  They are Chistianophobic.  Anything dealing with Christianity or even celebrating it they must ignore, destroy or change.

Take one of my leftist friends, an aspiring artist, writer and song writer.  He posted a shot of himself wearing his new Christmas outfit.  All black!

Yep, no spirit at all.  Nothing to evoke joy, or celebration.  Instead I was reminded of a funeral or Halloween.

What did his bubble leftist friends say?  They thought it was great.

Its a symptom of society when it comes to Christian holidays.  Change it so it doesn’t have the same meaning anymore.  Its not the message, which I’m sure most leftists are for peace and harmony and wishing others good will, its who is giving that message.  In this case, Christians, and because of that they must destroy it.

They go out shaming anyone daring you for wishing someone else a Merry Christmas.  As if the very words have somehow poisoned their being and they were dragged to a Church to listen to a sermon.

To my fellow Christmas lovers, do not despair, do not stop wishing others a Merry Christmas, and do not give up on the spirit and heart of Christmas.  Announce it loudly and proudly.

Merry Christmas!