Merry Christmas They Said.

Its that time of year where everyone seems to get triggered when told, “Merry Christmas” when leaving a store.

Why, oh why, are so many afraid to hear these words?  The left cries they are forcing their religion down upon me.

I wasn’t aware of bodily tying them up, and then forcing them to church?  When did that happen when wishing someone Merry Christmas?  Am I doing it wrong?  Perhaps, just perhaps, I should be tying these leftists and atheists up and dragging them to church to make sure they receive God’s word.

Then again, going to church I’m not seeing anyone there by force.  No one tied up, or anyone ready to pounce on someone should they dare to walk out.

The left doesn’t seem to care when children are sent to a mosque and indoctrinated into the islam faith.  They don’t care when the five pillars of islam are proudly posted in the halls of the schools.

But dare utter the words they all fear, Merry Christmas, and fear their wrath.  They are smug in their reason that you are forcing a religion down their throat.  They do not understand you are wishing them well, peace and happiness because their political narrative of Christians is they are bad.

So this holiday season be sure to trigger your leftist friend by wishing them a Merry Christmas.  After all, Christmas come all but once a year.  And don’t let the Grinch of the left destroy this wonderful and happy time.  Not believing in Christ doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy the peace and happiness is can bring.