Snowflakes Mentally Tough?

A few months ago my leftist friends posted a lot of things about how they were not snowflakes.  They were mentally tough, and so on and so forth.  I let it go, wasn’t worth anything back then.

Fast forward to today and things have changed quite a bit now.  The left has become more of a snowflake than ever before while showing time and again how mentally unstable, and immature they are.

First there was a few weeks ago the incident with ESPN and an announcer, Robert Lee (who was Asian by the way).  The decision was made for him not to announce a game of the University of Virginia’s home opener so as to not offend anyone there by his name.  Really?  If some dude’s name offends you that much, you have a problem.

Second, the twitter picture.  By now, many of you have heard of the woman who went to Hobby Lobby and demanded the company change their decoration after she spotted, in a vase, wait for it, a stalk of cotton.  It was disrespectful of blacks who were slaves and could trigger them.

Now, once more a mere name trigger those on the left.  But instead of no one being harmed, this time it was a charity.  They were having an event which was hosted by a propriety owned by Donald Trump, now President Trump.  These snowflakes were so triggered by the name, they protested it forcing the cancellation of the event.  The only real losers here were the children the event was designed to help.  It once again shows the left is only about a political narrative and they let nothing get in their way, not even children.

So yes, they are snowflakes.  They are not mentally tough.  They are not able to think for themselves.