Things That Make You Go, Huh?

George Clooney, the actor who has been outspoken against Trump and his stand against illegal immigration.  Clooney has stated that the President is an ‘idiot’ and is ‘intolerant’.

Clooney went so far as to move from the US, one of the few who did, to the UK.  HE’s even said the following about Angela Merkel’s stance in Germany:

I absolutely agreed with it in the beginning .. it is an amazing policy. […] So, you’re hoping to encourage that behavior because it’s been sort of a beacon in the rest of Europe particularly.
And when speaking of the US, he had this to say:
the United States needs to do more. 10,000 refugees a year is not enough
But, in recent attacks in London over the past couple of months Clooney has made another statement.
With the knowledge that he will have a family, suddenly security is important to him, or at least his family.  He moved from London because it wasn’t secure enough?  Its ironic that the country he blasted for not letting in enough migrants, is the country he is returning to for security for his family.
Mr. Clooney, perhaps its more secure because the country isn’t letting in as many migrants?  Then again, the crazy left doesn’t seem to understand that logic.