CNN vs. Reddit User

So, it appears that CNN has bullied a 15 year old Reddit user.

What did this young teen do?  Must have been something horrible, right?  The teen must have hacked into CNN’s computers and released secret information.  Or hacked the company and changed their logo to FOX News, or something profane?


What this kid did was replace Vince McMahan’s face with the CNN logo and a small gif which had Trump laying the smack-down on McMahan, or in this case CNN.

CNN went after the kid threatening to expose who he was and bullied him like a typical left-wing Nazi group.

Imagine the outrage by the left is this had been Obama’s face and FOX News.  The left would have found it hysterical.  And if FOX News went after the teen the left would be crying about how evil the corporation is, and how the right bullies people.

Only problem is, its the left doing this, and showing time and again that they are not for free speech, but for freedom as long as it speech they like.

As for Trump’s tweets, its getting funny how much the left gets riled up by them instead of actual issues.