The left always seems to leave me confused most days.  Recently that confusion has only grown making me wonder if they even know what they are protesting or doing.

Its been almost two years since a certain Charleston Church shooting happened which tragically killed 9 people.  In that shooting the left tried to tie it to guns, and then race neither of which the community supported.

Instead, the left focused on a single photo the teen had taken which showed the confederate flag in the background.

The result was a nationwide crackdown on the flag, which then spread to other things related to the confederacy, like building names, school names, and such.  This led to the recent removal of civil war monuments in New Orleans and the most recent, the attacks on a monument of Sam Houston in Houston, Texas because he was a slave holder.

The left had no problem taking this one part and expanding it.

Now, present day, and what’s recently happened in the past 20 or so days in England.  An attack in Manchester, and then another one in London.

Both of these attacks had a radical islamic connection.

Now, with the above situation, one might think the left sees this connection, but nope.  What has the left done?  Stuck their heads in the sand and turned to the tried and true apologetic tour and trying to shut down anyone who tries to connect islam with these attacks.

They shout islamophobia at anyone who tries to make the connection, or the tired rhetoric of ‘islam is a peaceful religion’ and other such BS.

Of course if that doesn’t work the left will do their next tactic, blame Christians, conservatives and Trump.

How many more attacks must happen before the left realizes there is a problem within islam.  Ignoring it won’t make it go away and the solution they have come up with doesn’t seem to work either and appeasing them only seems to be making the problem worse.

London’s mayor said large cities should get used to such things.  I don’t think so, maybe in the backward countries, but perhaps muslims should respect the law and culture they are moving into.  It might go a long way to solving the problems, but I don’t see it happening.

I see that as a muslim population grows, such problems increase.  The left doesn’t seem to care they are replacing a culture they grew up with, with one of the most intolerant cultures on the planet.

Here’s hoping they wake up, and soon before its too late.